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Grayson Ross & Joe Labbadia

Grayson Ross & Joe Labbadia

Pudding Boy is a full service creative agency that fuses experienced project management with diversified talent. Founded by Grayson Ross and Joe Labbadia, the company services a wide array of highly acclaimed media outlets to develop, finance, and produce commercials, broadcast promos, short-form media, branded digital content, and other forms of post-digital productions.

We offer clients comprehensive production, in-house design, editing and animation services. We believe in creating collaborative environments tailored to each client and realize each project to its true identity.

Our agency employs talent with a background including a variety of disciplines and utilizes the optimal selection of creatives per project.

Our Family:

Chris Spencer (Nat Geo spot)

Dan Hurwitz (Papa John’s spots)

Evan Savitt (R/GA Verizon spot,Nico Doria, Papa John’s, plus a few to come)

Noah Levinson (Pop TV Joe Mac spot)

PALS (Unfocused)